We apply adult learning principles into our instructional design process to achieve the desired learning objectives and competencies for improved workplace performance.  Our job training programs include:  interactive learning-team activities, hands-on exercises, TV Quiz-Show style games, role plays, and self-reflection applications to empower higher levels of critical thinking.  Delivery methods include online mobile learning, on-the-job training, traditional classroom style, and blended approaches of online and face-to-face learning.

Customized Job Training Courses & Curriculums
Leadership Training & Development Sessions

Our customized leadership training sessions help leaders improve their leadership effectiveness and/or transition into a new role with customized development plans, which include validated assessments, training sessions, and one-on-one coaching sessions. These sessions include individualized assessment feedback to help leaders gain deeper perspective on their strengths for effectively crafting a vision, building alignment with teams, and executing plans to make the vision become reality.  

We integrate the use of validated assessments for customizing training sessions and for aligning personality, leadership, and team building.  We specialize in the following Everything DISC assessments: Work of Leaders, Sales, and Workplace, and in The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team building sessions to build trust and achieve results. 

Assessments: Personality, Leadership, & Team Building
BI Analytics & Research
Individualized Services –
Career Planning & Management
Consulting Services &
Writing Solutions

Our consulting services focus on business strategy & HR planning and help clients align processes, systems, and people for performance excellence and innovation using best practice human resource management (HRM) and organizational development (OD) principles.

Our writing solutions include presenting information in a creative way that tells a relevant story and presents engaging content to make a compelling case for change.  Writing solutions include business proposals, video scripting, and customized course content.


Our individual services include one-on-one customized learning and development services, which include entrepreneur and leadership training sessions, career planning & management, and coaching/mentoring sessions.

Our business intelligence (BI) analytics services utilize proprietary software to extract relevant data for meaningful statistical analysis, which presents an easy-to-use dashboard of key performance indicators (KPIs) for improving results and for automating & optimizing business processes. This service is ideal for clients committed to data-driven decision making.


Our Primary & Secondary Research

services are data collection, analysis, and evaluation, complete with a comprehensive report. Primary research is conducted by Abundant Knowledge to collect raw data specific to the client’s objectives and needs.  Data collection may include survey writing and administration, conducting an interview or focus group session, observing behaviors in a workplace setting, and/or conducting an experiment. Secondary research is collected specific to the client’s objectives and needs, but Abundant Knowledge is searching for and collecting existing data that was originally collected by someone else.  Secondary data collection can include journal articles, online database information like the U.S. census.