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We specialize in the disciplines of leadership and the psychology of learning to help individuals and

organizations achieve goals. We make learning fun and inspire new perspectives towards what is possible.  We empower prudent decision-making through faith-based principles, self-governance, and life-long learning. We

foster higher levels of critical thinking to solve complex problems via training, networking, and applied research.  

Prudent Leadership: 
To think differently and perform better.


Abundant Knowledge is an education management company and publisher committed to building a better America through leadership and learning. 


We help entrepreneurs turn their vision into reality and build a high-performing workforce to achieve extraordinary results.  


We use proven adult-learning methods, faith-based principles, and validated assessments to deliver fun and effective training and development solutions that inspire, educate, and empower innovation and performance excellence. 

  • Business Strategy & HR Planning

  • Organizational Development

  • Customized Training Programs

  • Small Business Consulting

  • ​Prudent Leadership Training

  • Team Building

  • Coaching & Mentoring Programs

  • ​Career Planning & Development

  • ​Applied Research

  • Publishing​

The vision of Abundant Knowledge is to empower every client to achieve personal and professional success and publish their story. 

Specifically, to help organizational leaders cultivate extraordinary workplace cultures where employees enjoy working and are inspired, educated, and empowered to help create and/or support an extraordinary buying experience for customers, who in turn tell others about their positive experience, and this reaction fuels the employee-customer-profit chain for prosperity and sustainability. 


Together, we help build a better America, one client at a time, through leadership and learning rooted in principles of Prudent Leadership and faith-based living. 

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