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Abundant Knowledge is an education management company committed to building a better America through leadership and learning.  We help clients who value their employees and want to create a high-performing workforce to achieve extraordinary results.   We use proven adult-learning methods and validated assessments to deliver fun and effective training and development solutions that inspire, educate, and empower innovation and performance excellence. 

The vision of Abundant Knowledge is to help every client cultivate an extraordinary workplace culture where employees enjoy working and are inspired, educated, and empowered to help create and/or support an extraordinary buying experience for customers, who in turn tell others about their positive experience and this reaction fuels the employee-customer-profit connection for prosperity and sustainability.  Together, we help  build a better America, one client at a time, through leadership and learning rooted in integrity and a commitment to excellence in everything we do.  



We customize training programs to enhance the workplace culture you desire to have for your organization.  Our course design integrates the seven learning styles into relevant activities that engage thoughtful participation and inspire new perspectives towards what’s possible.  These activities make learning fun and include interactive learning team and hands-on exercises, such as online TV Game Show Quizzes customized to your organization’s content, scenarios, role plays, and self-reflection applications to empower higher levels of critical thinking.  

Your success is important to me
Your success is important to me

Business Research
Business Research

Strength, Wisdom, and Honor
Strength, Wisdom, and Honor

Your success is important to me
Your success is important to me